Gorillaz unveil four huge new remixes by Bonobo, Claptone and more

Gorillaz have unveiled four new remixes of tracks from their upcoming album ‘Humanz‘. Check them out below.

After Damon Albarn’s animated band shared the new track ‘Let Me Out’ last night, now they’ve unveiled a remix of ‘Andromeda’ by Bonobo’, as well as ‘We Got The Power’ by Claptone, ‘Saturnz Barz’ by Banx & Ranx and ‘Ascension’ reimagined by Nic Fanciulli – taking the tracks into new sonic terrain that ranges from the blissed-out to the dancefloor banger.

‘Andromeda’ – remixed by Bonobo


‘We Got The Power’ – remixed by Claptone

‘Saturnz Barz’ – remixed by Banx & Ranx

‘Ascension’ – remixed by Nic Fanciulli


Albarn recently described the new album ‘Humanz’ as a ‘party at the end of the world’ in the wake of Trump’s Presidency.

Speaking to Zane Lowe on Beats 1, rapper Pusha T said that Albarn had envisioned a Trump win as a possibility a year ago, before Trump was even the Republican candidate. According to Pusha, Albarn contacted him in spring 2016 and told him “to conceptualise the album, you know, like the album’s a party for the end of the world, like if Trump were to win.”

Gorillaz release new album ‘Humanz’ on April 28, before headlining their own Demon Dayz Festival at Dreamland in Margate on June 10 – featuring Noel Gallagher, Damon Albarn, Jehnny Beth and all other guests from the album.


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