nme.com catches up with Euros Childs and his band of psychedlic troubadors in Seattle as they win fans supporting Grandaddy, who's new album is already being named LP of th

Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci are causing a buzz on their first ever tour of the US, according to reports Stateside – even though the Americans are having more than a few problems with their Welsh accent!

Last night, the band played the Seattle Crocodile on one of many dates supporting Grandaddy on a jaunt that started at last week’s South By Southwest event in Texas – and nme.com were there to see it.

The double bill was the talk of the town amongst the city’s discerning music fans as not only are Gorky’s getting more recognised Stateside as a result of the current jaunt, but Grandaddy’s forthcoming LP ‘The Sophtware Slump’ on V2is already being tipped by many of those who’ve heard it as one of the albums of the year – even though it’s not out for another month.

Gorky’s, meanwhile, have already released their current album ‘Spanish Dance Troupe Stateside through Beggars. Only Barafundle was released before that, but they’re slowly picking up fans, as this tour is proving, with last night in Seattle a classic example.

Although the incessant chatter throughout the beginning of Gorky’s opening slot last night at times threatened to overshadow their somewhat subdued set, the majority of the audience were rapt by the end.

Lead singer Euros Child kept his onstage patter to a bare minimum, because even when speaking English, his Welsh accent meant many punters didn’t understand a word he said. In fact, it became obvious that the crowd didn’t notice he’d swapped tongues when singing Welsh language numbers such as tonight’s highlight ‘Y Ffordd Oren’. Even when Euro gently mumbled his opening gambit of “We’re from Wales and, er, that’s about it really” one black-clad hipster to prompted to ask another “I don’t understand Welsh, what did he say?”.

But language proved no barrier to the crowd’s appreciation of the band’s music and the Seattle crowd were soon lapping it up, especially the band’s current UK single ‘Poodle Rockin”, dog barks and all. When that was followed by a masterful version of ‘Sweet Johnny’, and Euros and his bandmates had totally won over the audience with their distinct brand of homespun, folky-tinged psychedelia.

It was certainly much easier for US band Grandaddy, who are already familiar names in their own country.

During their hour on stage – and with requests steadily shouted out throughout for most of the band’s last album ‘Under The Western Freeway’ and its predecessor ‘Pretty Mess By This One Band’ – the alt-rock slackers unveiled a handful of un-introduced tracks from their forthcoming album ‘Sophtware Slump’ to the obvious delight of the rapt audience. Castro-a-like frontman Jason Lytle issued polite thank-yous after every round of frenzied applause but, it must be said, looked thoroughly humbled and a little embarrassed by all the attention. If the reports about the new album prove to be true, he’d better get used to it.