Gossip’s Beth Ditto reveals plans to marry and start a family

Singer also reflects on dark past depicted in autobiography 'Coal To Diamonds'

Gossip‘s singer Beth Ditto has opened up about her plans to marry girlfriend Kristen Ogata.

In an interview with Metro discussing her autobiography Coal To Diamond: A Memoir, released in October, she says she will marry her fiancée next summer, and start a family soon after.

She said: “We have an agreement that she’ll be the primary caretaker and I’ll be the primary breadwinner. When we tour, the babies will come with us.”


Elsewhere in the interview, Ditto recounts her tough time growing up in rural Arkansas, abject poverty and dysfunctional family.

During one chapter, she explains how grunge changed her tiny hometown, while the rest of the book deals with her sexuality, proto-feminism and the formation of Gossip, leading to huge success and global travel.

She also pinpoints the moment that “things got weird” after being named Number One on 2006’s NME Cool List. She finally realises that she’s become a celebrity, in Britain at least, midway through the interview that accompanied her now-iconic naked NME cover shoot in 2007.

“It’s really hard for me to talk about – and not because of the abuse,” she said. “I think people really wanted it to be about partying and meeting Kate Moss and Karl Lagerfeld. I don’t feel famous and I didn’t want my autobiography to be like a Paris Hilton story.”

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