The Gossip brand George Bush a ‘fascist’

Beth Ditto also calls the American president a 'shit'

The Gossip’s Beth Ditto has lashed out at George W Bush.

When asked about her political persuasions, the singer stated firmly her views about the US president.

She said: “George Bush is absolutely a fascist piece of shit.

“As a radical queer, there’s never anybody I can 100% trust in politics. It’s a fucking joke to even call it a debate with the idea that we (haven’t yet treated) human beings like they are on the same par with everyone else, from homos to immigrants.

“It’s two-thousand-fucking-seven, get with the program, you know? There’s so many candidates and it’s like the worst of two evils – not that I think they’re necessarily evil.”

Ditto told The Advocate: “There are things I don’t trust, because when money is involved, it changes everything. You can’t trust people to be in charge of a lot of people when there’s that much money at stake.”

It’s been a bad couple of days for Bush and indie stars with Lily Allen also tearing into the US leader this week.