The Gossip tell of Christmas hunting drama

Guitarist speaks of seasonal shooting experience

The Gossip’s guitarist Nathan Howdeshell has spoken about his experiences of hunting during Christmas time in the band’s hometown of Arkansas.

Speaking to NME.COM, Howdeshell told of how he was forced to go hunting.

He said: “Hunting is really popular in Arkansas and that totally intensifies at Christmas. My dad would take me hunting all the time and my house is filled with guns – like tons of guns. I never killed anything, and I used to like to draw the birds in my sketchbook.

“Then my dad made me shoot one because that’s what guys are supposed to do in the South. Hunt and play sports and be rowdy. I was exactly the opposite of that.”

He also spoke about his experience at the hands of the local Baptist church. He said: “It was frightening. My family took me to church and all that they ever talked about was hell or the devil. The preacher just yelled – he’d scream really loudly at me and a bunch of 90 year old people.”