GOT7’s Jackson Wang says JYP didn’t allow him to promote his solo career in Korea

“I could work everywhere except for Korea, that was the deal”

GOT7 member Jackson Wang has revealed that he was not allowed to promote his solo material in South Korea while under his former label JYP Entertainment.

Back in 2017, while still under JYP, Wang started his own label called Team Wang, through which he released a slew of solo material. Including his debut solo album ‘Mirrors’ in 2019, and singles such as ‘100 Ways’ and ‘Fendiman’. However, he was not permitted to promote nor release his solo music in South Korea while signed under JYP Entertainment, the singer said during an appearance on the DIVE Studios podcast Get Real.

“I worked as a solo over there [at Team Wang]. I could work everywhere except for Korea, that was the deal,” he said. “So, then, you know, since the contact ended, I’m trying to bring everything back. All my music, endorsements – just everything [that] I’ve done in four years to bring it back.”


Wang also noted that he’s trying to get his solo music distributed in Korea through his newly signed partnership with Sublime Artist Agency, which he described as having a “great team”. He added, “tryna connect with the Korea audience again.”

In addition, the singer also said that he is working hard on two new albums, in English and Chinese. The former is slated for a global release this August with a single due out sometime next month. “[I’ve] just been recording and recording because there’s nothing else to do,” he said.

Elsewhere in the show, Wang reiterated that GOT7 have not disbanded and will release more music as a group in the future. But he also noted that the members are currently focused on solo work for 2021. “We just finished the contract with JYP, but we’re still GOT7. We’re still gonna come out with songs,” Wang said. “But this year, I think, the majority of the whole year, everyone is just tryna prepare and do their own stuff.”

Yugyeom, Youngjae and JB are all currently working on new albums, while Mark Tuan recently returned to the US and made his solo debut with ‘One In A Million’. On the other hand, member Jinyoung is focusing on his acting career with a role in the upcoming tvN courtroom drama Devil Judge.

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