GOT7’s JAY B drops new single ‘Rocking Chair’ alongside pensive music video

It is his first release under new label CDNZA Records

GOT7 leader and soloist JAY B has unveiled a new digital single ‘Rocking Chair’, marking his first release since leaving previous label H1GHR MUSIC.

On August 23, the idol dropped his first digital single, titled ‘Rocking Chair’, under his new label, CDNZA Records. Its pensive music video visual follows JAY B as he wakes up in a dark bedroom, before moving to a study where he puts on a cassette tape and falls deep in thought.

Lean comfortably and rest on me / It’s alright if you fall asleep / If you are having a tiring day / I will put a blanket around you / And I will become your rocking chair,” he croons gently on the mellow acoustic-pop track.


‘Rocking Chair’ arrives just weeks after JAY B signed to his new label, CDNZA, following his departure from H1GHR MUSIC. The GOT7 star had been with the latter agency for a year before his contract expired.

During his time with H1GHR MUSIC, JAY B dropped the first of his solo music releases, including a string of singles and his debut EP ‘SOMO:Fume’, which was led by the single ‘B.T.W’.

In a three-star review of the recordNME’s Sofiana Ramli wrote: “After being relieved from JYP Entertainment’s shackles to pursue creative freedom, you would expect the singer to use the opportunity of having a plethora of new producers and collaborators at his feet to experiment greatly, but the end result is neutral and safe.”

Back in May, the members of GOT7 reunited to release their 12th Korean-language self-titled EP. Led by the single ‘Nanana’, the record marked the group’s first comeback since departing longtime agency JYP Entertainment in January 2021.

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