GOT7’s Mark Tuan returns with grim music video for new single ‘My Life’

The highly anticipated follow-up to 'Last Breath' is out now

GOT7 singer Mark Tuan has dropped his new solo single, ‘My Life’, alongside an accompanying music video.

The ‘My Life’ music video opens with Tuan lying in the middle of a dishevelled room, with dirt and leaves strewn across the floor. Broken mirrors and furniture also lie in the background as he sits at a table with a typewriter and dimly lit by candles.

“I woke up and realised / That this is my life / And every time that I felt hopeless / I fucked myself up to keep on going / And I never realised that this is my life,” he croons on the chorus, backed by soft piano instrumentals.


The English-language ‘New Life’ was co-written by Tuan himself alongside lilspirit and OVRCZ, both of whom had also written and produced his debut solo single ‘Last Breath’. Producer Pharaoh Vice has also returned to Tuan’s latest single as a co-producer.

The new song notably marks Tuan’s much-anticipated follow-up to his November single ‘Last Breath’, which was his first foray into English-language music as a solo artist.

Earlier this month, Tuan had inadvertently unveiled the title of ‘My Life’ earlier than intended after resourceful fans used the application Shazam to search for the track. Tuan later reacted to the song’s discovery on Shazam by fans, poking fun at the oversight. “My dumbass didnt think people could shazam the song…” he wrote, alongside an upside down smiley emoji.

In an earlier interview with NME, Tuan shared how ‘Last Breath’ was a stepping stone for him to establish his artistry. “I’m still trying to find my sound, [so] it’s the first step in the process in a lot of ways,” the singer elaborated. “I feel like this album will always have a special place in my heart.”


Elsewhere in the interview, the GOT7 member also teased that he has more solo music on the way in 2022. “I want to say that I’ll give it to [the fans] by next year,” he said.

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