GOT7’s Youngjae makes solo debut with first mini-album ‘COLORS From Ars’

"It was hard to keep track of everything,” GOT7's Youngjae said of going solo

Youngjae of GOT7 has made his solo debut with this first-ever mini-album ‘COLORS From Ars’.

During a recent online press conference for the release, the K-pop singer spoke the creations of his solo project and the work that has gone into it, per The Korea Herald. ‘COLORS From Ars’, which features the title track ‘Vibin’, was entirely co-written and -produced by the K-pop idol under his songwriting pen name Ars.


“I’d rather take this as a challenge and would like to focus more on the fact that I’ve done it than trying to figure out if it was a failure or a success,” Youngjae said. “This was not the first time I wrote songs but having my hands on all songs, I tried new things… It also was hard to keep track of everything.”

Youngjae also shared that working on his solo debut project allowed him to reflect on his past releases as part of GOT7, admitting that it was “amazing and slightly unbelievable that one person could do all this on his own”.

Youngjae is the fourth member of GOT7 to release solo albums this year, after BambamYugyeom and JAY B. Meanwhile, members Mark Tuan and Jackson Wang have also released a number of solo singles and collaborations.

Aside from music, Youngjae has also been pursuing a career in acting. Earlier this year, he starred in the Netflix sitcom So Not Worth It, which also featured fellow K-pop singer Minnie from the girl group (G)-IDLE.

Youngjae also recently starred in the South Korean stage musical Midnight Sun, where he performed the track ‘Meet Me When The Sun Goes Down’.

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