Grace Jones talks ‘size zero’ modelling, Donald Trump in new interview

"Size zero is like the walking dead. Not sexy at all."

Grace Jones has dubbed ‘size zero’ modelling “like the walking dead” and slammed Donald Trump in a new interview.

Speaking to The Guardian, she hit out at the fashion industry’s modern guise. “I’m glad I’m not doing it now,” she said when quizzed on her previous experiences of modelling, and how the industry has changed, “I’d probably be dead.”

She continued: “Everybody’s so skinny. Size zero is like the walking dead. Not sexy at all. When I modelled, I would normally be a model size six, eight, though my shoulders are wide, it’s hard to make them fit into things. Now I can’t get into model sizes, because they’re really small.”


She also gave her thoughts on US President Donald Trump, asking him to “grow up”.

“Oh please, grow up! That’s all I can say to him,” she said. “He makes a big deal of sportspeople taking a knee but he doesn’t make a big deal of the KKK marching with fire. He calls them “fine people”. He hasn’t shown us his taxes; how can he make a plan for tax if he’s hiding his taxes from us? I believe that every presidential candidate should see a psychiatrist before they’re allowed to stand. I truly believe he has brought a whole dark cloud over the world. Climate, immigration, everything… We are in a dark period.”

Read the interview in full here.

Grace Jones - Studio 54

Previously, Grace Jones condemned selfies, though admitted that Andy Warhol would likely have been a fan.

Speaking to BBC 6 Music, Jones revealed that she refuses fan requests for selfies, saying: “Even now I’m like, ‘Selfies? No, I hate selfies’. If Andy [Warhol] was here he would probably talk me into doing selfies. That’s a weird thought. He would be like, ‘Grace, doll, you got to do the selfie. They’re going to feel bad.’”