Graham Coxon: ‘Playing with Blur gives me goosebumps!’

Coxon also speaks about Blur recording new material

Graham Coxon has revealed what it was like rehearsing with Blur for the first time since they reformed.

The band are currently hard at work preparing for their summer shows, and Coxon says he’s shocked at how well everything has been going so far.

“You do get a little bit of the goosebump thing going on!” he told BBC Radio 4’s Front Row about the rehearsals. “First of all, when I went into the room and I saw all my guitars and my old amplifier sitting there next to Dave‘s [Rowntree] drums again, and then Alex‘s [James] amplifier, it was like, ‘Wow!’

“And then we were getting our instruments on and making a noise and we decided to play an old song, our first single, ‘She’s So High’. I think it was a passable rendition! It wasn’t perfect!”

Coxon also gave more details about the possibility of Blur playing ‘Country House’ on the tour.

“I think I’d like to reclaim the song in some way and I’d like to play it, whether we do it in the old jump up and down ‘oompah’ style that we did it in, or whether we do it in a different way. I’m up for experimenting with it,” he said.

“But the thing about playing with these songs is that they are the public’s property. I feel a little bit worried about playing around too much with the songs.”

With Damon Albarn admitting recently that ‘Country House’ was a ‘stupid moment’ in Blur’s history, Coxon said the song does have its plus points.

“I like that song, because lyrically I thought it was really clever. I think we just overdid it with all the ‘oompah’, and the video. I’ve got nothing against Damien [Hirst, video director] at all, or Keith [Allen, who starred in the video], but I just think the whole collaboration just went towards the farcical end of things a little bit.”

Speaking of the possibility of Blur recording new material or playing more shows after this summer, Coxon remained coy.

“I think there’s all sorts of things being discussed,” he revealed. “We had a few years apart and we know our worth with each other. I don’t see why we should not be in each other’s lives for another eight years, I don’t think that’s gonna happen. Whether it’s as better friends, more involved in each other’s lives as friends or musically – I’m sure we’re gonna be around for each other.”