Graham Coxon returns to solo life after Blur shows

Guitarist plays own London gig

Graham Coxon returned to his solo career last night by playing a gig at London‘s Roundhouse last night (July 23) as part of iTunes Live festival.

The show saw him perform all of his recent album ‘The Spinning Top’ bar one song.

The Blur guitarist, – who recently reunited with his old band – also played a cover version of ‘Babe It Ain’t No Lie’ by Davy Graham – the late musician whose playing style inspired the album.


Coxon was backed by two female backing singers, a bassist and a drummer for the show, which was attended by competition winners and saw him play ‘The Spinning Top’ in order minus ‘Far From Everything’.

The star played alto saxophone at the end of ‘Perfect Love’. Despite his multi-instrumental performance Coxon later admitted ahead of ‘Dead Bees’ then even he struggled to get everything right when playing live.

“It always goes mad in the middle bit,” he said before playing the song. “We all get lost – well, I get lost!”

Graham Coxon played:

‘Look Into The Light’
‘This House’
‘In The Morning’
‘If’ You Want Me’
‘Perfect Love’
‘Brave The Storm’
‘Dead Bees’
‘Sorrow’s Army’
‘Caspian Sea’
‘Humble Man’
‘Feel Alright’
‘Tripping Over’
‘Babe It Ain’t No Lie’