Graham Coxon writing concept album about the ’50s

The ex-Blur speaks about new record

After revealing that a Blur reunion is still not on the cards ex-guitarist Graham Coxon has spoken about his new solo album.

He said he follow-up to ‘Love Travels At Illegal Speeds’, which was released two years ago, is sounding rather like a concept album.

Coxon told Xfm: “It’s about a man who is born in, um, possibly the ’50s. Grows up, meets a girl, gets married, then has to go to war and gets really knackered up and then has a divorce and then goes mad and then…er…dies and goes to heaven.”

Coxon’s not short of new material for the forthcoming LP either -but it’s going to be a different vibe from his 2006 release.

He added: “I’ve written an awful lot and they’ve gone into two piles. I am concentrating on one element of what I do more than the other. I think I got to a point on the last record where I covered that really and I want to concentrate on some other preoccupations, it’s about those.”

No release date has been announced as yet.

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