Klaxons, Coxon and Long Blondes get arty

The bands are set to exhibit in the Tate Modern

Music by Klaxons, Graham Coxon and The Long Blondes is to feature in a Tate Modern exhibition.

Alongside The Chemical Brothers, Estelle, Roll Deep and Union of Knives, the bands have written music to go alongside art in the museum on London’s South Bank.

The tracks will be available to hear on listening posts placed next to the pieces of art, with one new track being unveiled every month.


The tracks and date of unveiling at Tate Modern are as follows:

The Chemical Brothers soundtrack Jacob Epstein (September 1)

Roll Deep soundtracks Anish Kapoor (October 1)

Graham Coxon soundtracks Franz Kline (November 1)

The Long Blondes soundtrack Man Ray (December 1)

The Landscapers soundtrack Andy Warhol (January 1 2007)


Estelle soundtracks Martin Parr (February 1)

Klaxons soundtrack Donald Judd (March 1)

Union of Knives soundtrack Cy Twombly (April 1)

A month after their exhibition each track will be available to listen to on the Tate Modern’s website www.tate.org.uk/modern.