Graham Coxon writes ‘angst-ridden’ song for Channel 4’s ‘Fresh Meat’

Kingsley, played by Joe Thomas, will perform the song on tonight's episode (November 20)

Graham Coxon has written an “angst-ridden” song for Channel 4 student comedy Fresh Meat.

The Blur guitarist wrote the deliberately tongue-in-cheek track for the character Kingsley, played by The Inbetweeners‘ Joe Thomas, who will perform the song on tonight’s show (November 20).

Speaking about the track in an interview with The Sun, Coxon said he used inspiration from his past penning love songs in a dark and dingy student pad.

He said: “It’s sort of based on some of my stuff, really. A lot of the songs that didn’t end up on albums were even more pathetically angst-ridden than the one for Fresh Meat. I once had this room that was so small I had to cut up a mattress to get it in. I remember sitting on there and being totally and absolutely in love, hardly sleeping and going bonkers.”

Speaking to Channel 4, Joe Thomas said he couldn’t quite believe that he “got to be filmed busking in the style of Blur”, adding: “On the downside I have to sing but on the upside it is a song written by Graham Coxon from Blur who are pretty much my favourite band of all time.”

Thomas revealed that the guitarist is a fan of the show and is why he agreed to write the song. The comic actor also said Coxon must have had to “pull against his natural instincts” to pen the track because “the song isn’t supposed to be good”.

“The lyrics are very funny and it felt like we really got what we wanted from it; an adolescent, overly complicated epic”, he added. Fresh Meat will be broadcast on Channel 4 tonight at 10pm.