Graham Coxon considers Blur reunion

Three years after leaving the band

Graham Coxon has admitted that he would consider rejoining Blur.

The guitarist quit the band in 2002 during the making of their ‘Think Tank’ album.

However responding to recent comments Blur bassist Alex James made, suggesting he wanted the band to make one more album as a four-piece, Coxon has now said he would consider a reunion.


“I haven’t been approached about it. I think about it: would it be fun?” he told Pitchfork. “Would it be a bit too scary? What would the dynamic be in a studio? Would I have to do promotion? Would I tour? You know, it’s a lot of thinking.

“So I guess I still mull around and think about it every now and then.”

However despite leaving Blur, Coxon insisted he is still friendly with his former bandmates.

Alex will always be my friend,” he explained. “I guess they all will be in some way, but it’s somewhat strange.”