It's a very famous guitarist in a very unusual role...

Graham Coxon turns up for an unusual cameo on the Kaiser Chiefs hotly-anticipated debut album.

The ShockWaves NME Awards Tour stars are putting the finishing touches to their LP ‘Employment’.

And singer Ricky Wilson has told NME.COM how their mutual producer Stephen Street brought about the surprise collaboration – which sees Graham Coxon revving up a motorcycle engine.

Ricky said: “It was the sound of him starting up his motorbike at the beginning of one of the songs. We’ve got a song called ‘Saturday Night’ and we wanted to start it with an engine noise.

“Stephen Street, the producer, who produced Blur, said ‘Oh, Graham Coxon’s got a bike, we’ll get Graham Coxon down’. And we went ‘Brilliant, yeah, let’s get Graham Coxon down’. So he came down and he was thoroughly nice. What a nice guy. That’s all he’s done on the album – he did a really good job of it, he was revving in time with the track.”

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