Coxon speaks on Blur reunion

Ex-guitarist ponders the chances of making up with Damon

Graham Coxon has rubbished claims that he is reuniting with Blur for their new album.

The guitarist, who is due to release his new album ‘Love Travel At Illegal Speeds’ on March 13, also says he isn’t in regular contact with Damon Albarn.

Blur was very much a boyish thing. I’m over it…It was 10 years ago that Blur were at their height so I’m quite a different person now,” he told the Sunday Mail.

“I’m not in contact with Damon at all and I don’t regret that at the moment…to be honest, we didn’t contact each other very much even when we were in Blur…It’s not like Damon and I were best friends then had a huge fall out,” he added.