Graham Coxon to release concept album

It's all about love

Graham Coxon’s next solo release is a concept album based on love.

The former Blur guitarist finished the follow-up to ‘Happiness In Magazines’ last May, and it’s taken almost a year to see the light of day.

“It’s generally more focussed around issues of the heart than before, Coxon said. “Love. Every song is something to do with love. Not in a soppy S Club 7 way, just L-O-V-E from all angles, whether it be jealousy, lust, splitting up, being in love and not enjoying it or whatever. All the songs are drawn from past experiences, because I don’t go out at the moment. Past experiences, fantasies, the telly and books.”

While waiting for the album to be released Graham continues to work on his guitar playing, and has moved away from the loud electric he became famous for in Blur, instead picking up an acoustic.

“My personal explorations have been more based around acoustic music and traditional music,” he said. “After I finished the album I dedicated the summer to getting better as an acoustic guitar player. I always found playing acoustic a bit of a chore before but now I’ve realised just how important it is as a means of expression. So I’ve been messing around with that recording bits at home for myself. I think a lot of the books I’ve been reading have been about being on your own and making your personal explorations the main drive of your recorded work. If you find that you’re doing things for money then it’s detrimental to your health, I think.”