Graham Coxon also covers Big Star, Beck and Syd Barrett in a Camden pub...


guitarist GRAHAM COXON premiered a brand new song at a surprise acoustic gig in LONDON’s CAMDEN last night (September 2).

The star performed ‘Smoke Grass’, a sardonic critique of cannabis smokers, at the Mac bar in Camden Road.

Coxon played a short set, backed by a blues pianist, as a birthday treat for a friend who performs PR duties for the bar.

As well as the new song, Coxon covered Beck‘s

‘Nobody’s Fault But My Own’, Big Star’s ‘Nightime’, Robin Frederick’s ‘Been Smokin’ Too Long’, famously covered by Nick Drake, and Syd Barrett’s ‘Here I Go’.

Coxon became increasingly irritated by the amount of people chatting during his performance, and at one point moaned “Why do I live in this fucking shithole?” .

Coxon released his third solo album, ‘Crow Sit On Blood Tree’, earlier this summer. Blur are expected to regroup shortly. They are tipped to go into the studio with Fatboy Slim

once frontman Damon Albarn has completed touring duties with Gorillaz.