The guitarist said the sessions with the '60s star will "be a good test to see where we all are in our outlooks"

GRAHAM COXON has said that when BLUR enter the studio with MARIANNE FAITHFULL it will help them work out which direction they should take on their new album.

Blur are to record ‘Your Time Will Come’, their contribution to the forthcoming album by Marianne Faithfull, within the next week.

The Damon Albarn penned song will be sung by Faithfull, with the possibility of Albarn providing backing vocals.

Now, speaking in an interview with the London Evening Standard’s website, , guitarist Coxon said the time in the studio will have larger repercussions for Blur‘s forthcoming record.

He said: “It’ll be a good test to see where we all are in our outlooks. My current outlook is so different from anywhere I’ve been before. It’s going to be interesting.”

Blur are due to record new material with Fatboy Slim later this year.

Coxon has recently completed his third solo album. Titled ‘Crow Sit On Blood Tree’, the record is released on August 6.

Speaking about his new record, he said working on his own album was different to the studio sessions with Blur.

He commented: “(When you are in a band) it’s like an audition in which you’re waiting in the queue and stressing, then the producer says, ‘You’re next!’ and you have an hour to do something good. With my own album I had been mulling over the songs for months, then went into the studio and translated exactly what was in my head onto tape in a few days.”