Graham Coxon talks us through the sleeve he designed for new Blur single 'Music Is My Radar'...

Graham Coxon has spoken exclusively to about the inspiration for his artwork for the new Blur single, ‘MUSIC IS MY RADAR’.

Coxon, who has created artwork for his solo albums ‘The Golden D’ and ‘The Sky Is Too High’, revealed: “I was influenced a bit by a Tony Allen record, which has a kind of pen-and-ink drawing on the front of people who have been made homeless. So I thought the idea was quite nice to have someone sitting on a kerb with a suitcase with a sign saying ‘east’ and ‘west’, wondering which way to go. Because people don’t have radars, really.”

He also revealed that the cover was designed in a last-minute crisis!

“I drew it just after we made the video. I got back from doing the video and we were in trouble, it was really late, so I said I would do it. I was up ’til seven in the morning doing this drawing on the computer but whenever I’m required to do anything like that, I quite like doing it,” he added.

The sleeve for Blur‘s ‘Best Of’ compilation, meanwhile, was designed by celebrated artist Julian Opie, who has commanded an entire room at the Tate British in London with his exhibition ‘New British Art 2000: Intelligence’, and a room at the Tate Modern with ‘Between Cinema And A Hard Place’.

The London-born artist has exhibited all over Europe and the States, as well as representing Britain in India and Australia. His work has previously been commissioned by Heathrow Airport and Wormwood Scrubs Prison in his native city.

As reported on earlier today (October 4), we will be hosting an exclusive Blur microsite to coincide with the October 30 release of ‘Blur: The Best Of’ through Food. The site will be up and running from next Monday (October 9) and will include archive reviews, news and features, e-cards, promotional videos and a webcast of the band’s ‘Singles Night’ show from 1999, where the band performed each of their singles in chronological order, as well as the classic 1994 show from London Alexandra Palace.

And Blur fans can also exclusively see the video for ‘Music Is My Radar’, recorded mere hours before Graham sat down with pencil in hand to draw the cover of the single, right here on Click one of the following: 128 56. You will need a PC Windows Media Player.