Graham Coxon announces his only live UK date this year

You're going to want to see this...

Blur guitarist Graham Coxon has announced his one and only UK date for 2018 which will be one-man-show in Staffordshire.

The guitarist recently composed the score to the TV show The End Of The F***ing World. His last solo studio album ‘A+E‘ was released in 2012.

Prior to embarking on a 10-date tour of North America where Coxon will play a variety of tracks across his eight solo albums (including the excellent soundtrack for The End of the F***ing World), the singer-songwriter will be making an appearance at the New Vic Theatre in Newcastle-Under-Lyme.


Tickets for the show are on sale now. For tickets and more information, click here.

Meanwhile, Coxon recently spoke on his upcoming solo work and the potential for another Blur album.

Coxon first revealed there were “no plans right now” for a new Blur record. However, he said he wanted to make another album with the band, but it was “impossible to say yes and when to because these things just come out of nowhere.”

“I really don’t see why not and why there can’t be another Blur album,” he continued. “We’re all still alive and in reasonable control of our faculties. It’s just the time when that notion comes upon us all and the stars align and we go, ‘Yeah, why not?’”

However, Graham Coxon’s Blur bandmate Alex James hit out at classic bands getting back together for reunion performances, branding the idea “groteseque”.


“You have to do it otherwise you become this weird, grotesque caricature of yourself by the time you get old like Mick Jagger”, he said.