Graham Coxon joins Jehnny Beth on ‘We Got The Power’ during Demon Dayz performance

Gorillaz held a one-day long festival at Margate's Dreamland last night (June 10).

Blur guitarist Graham Coxon joined Savages‘ Jehnny Beth during a performance of Gorillaz track ‘We Got The Power’ last night (June 10).

Gorillaz held a one-day festival at Margate’s Dreamland yesterday. De La Soul, Little Simz, Kano and Kilo Kish are amongst those to have played earlier in the day.

Performing cuts from their latest album ‘Humanz’, the band launched into ‘We Got The Power. It features Beth on vocals and Noel Gallagher on guitar.

However, Graham Coxon made a rare guest appearance, performing the track alongside Beth.

Back in March, Albarn revealed that Coxon almost featured on the recorded version of the song. “At one point this song had Graham, Noel and me on it and it was sort of heading slightly in the wrong direction.”

He added: “It was becoming almost retro in its sort of spirit and way too rocky for this record so I kind of stripped it right back down again. We play it slightly different live then how it is on the record. It’s sort of the song that comes on during the final titles of a film. The climax. I thought Jehnny would take a bit of the testosterone off.”

Meanwhile, Damon Albarn also addressed the results of the UK general election during the one-day festival.

After playing ‘Tomorrow Comes Today’ from the band’s self-titled 2001 debut, the musician paused to discuss the political situation in the UK. On Thursday (June 8), the general election resulted in a hung parliament and Prime Minister Theresa May seeking to form a government with Northern Irish group the DUP.

“It’s been a weird week in this country,” he began. “A real surprise and then an inevitable bullshit outcome.”

Albarn had some encouraging words to offer the crowd about the current state of the country, though. “But this is only the beginning cos there’s some of you out there who weren’t able to vote this time, but next time you’ll be able to vote,” he said. “It’s going to grow.”