Graham Coxon speaks out on the chances of Blur making another album

"I really don't know why there would be"

Graham Coxon has downplayed the likelihood of Blur reuniting again to make another album.

After reforming for a string of huge festival shows and a world tour, the band released the acclaimed ‘The Magic Whip’ in 2015. Fans have been optimistically waiting for more new material and live dates ever since.

However, when asked by iNews if another album was on the horizon, Coxon replied: “No. I doubt it. I really don’t know why there would be.


“I think that it was a good punctuation in the story of Blur, whether it was the last full stop or no, I don’t know, but at the moment there’s certainly no plans to do anything else.”

He added: “When you get older it gets more difficult. Time gets less to do those things so that’s probably why a lot of musicians go really downhill creatively as they get older.”

This follows Coxon telling NME earlier this year that the band hadn’t even discussed making more new music together.

Coxon recently released the soundtrack to the show ‘The End Of The Fucking World‘, while Blur frontman Damon Albarn is already at work with more new music from Gorillaz and the long-awaited second album from The Good, The Bad & The Queen.