Johnny Knoxville will star as the alt-country figurehead's tour manager...

‘JACKASS’ mainman JOHNNY KNOXVILLE will follow-up on the success of the ‘JACKASS’ movie by starring in a film based around alt-country figurehead GRAM PARSONS.

Knoxville’s star is very much in the ascendancy after ‘Jackass: the Movie’ debuted as Number One box-office draw in the US last weekend. The film took $22.8million in three days, over $4million more than ‘The Ring’ at Number Two.

Now, it has been revealed that Knoxville will star in ‘Grand Theft Parsons’, a low-budget independent -based on a true story, that will co-star Christina Applegate and go into production at the end of the year.

Knoxville will star as Phil Kaufman, Parson’s tour manager, according to the Hollywood Reporter. The film begins at Parsons’ death with Kaufman stealing the body from a mortuary and racing it to a Joshua Tree in the South Californian desert. There, he attempts to burn it to fulfil a pact he made with Parsons.

Gram Parsons is the man widely held as the father of country rock. He was a contemporary, and influence, on heavyweights such as The Byrds (he appeared on the 1968 album ‘Sweetheart Of the Rodeo’) andThe Rolling Stones. In recent years, Tim Burgess and [a][/a]

are amongst those who have admitted a huge debt.

Parsons died of a morphine overdose in September 1973. He was 27. Kaufman was never convicted for stealing his body but was picked up for stealing and burning the coffin.