Guitarist Jim Fairchild reveals the band have "mapped out" the follow up to 'The Sophtware Slump'...

GRANDADDY guitarist JIM FAIRCHILD has said his group have “mapped out” the follow-up to their acclaimed ‘THE SOPHTWARE SLUMP’.

Speaking exclusively to NME.COM, Fairchild said that vocalist Jason Lytle is working on a batch of new songs, which he anticipates will be more “optimistic” than last-year’s album.

He said: “I kind of feel like it’s going to be a little more optimistic maybe. I still think it’s going to be pretty big sonically. But I know Jason has made a commitment in his head to a little bit, I hate to say happier record, it’s not going to be like 12 versions of ‘When I’m 64’ or anything.”


Fairchild continued to say that the group have a “hunger” to get back in the studio, and are looking forward to every aspect of recording.

He continued: “There’s a genuine hunger to get back in. We’ve been thinking a whole bunch. At the end of the ‘Under The Western Freeway’ tour there was kind of a complacency. We didn’t do anything for a long time. We just got done touring about a week and half ago. Immediately we were like, we’ve got to do this, this and this. Now we’re really happy about the next phase, making the next recording, starting the next phase of artwork.

“There’s been a lot of work done on that in the past month or so. Trying to develop the themes…I don’t necessarily want it to be the same themes creeping up. That’s always going to happen anyway, but I don’t want it to be quite as obvious. Some of that terrain has been explored enough by us. It’s not going to be like this is our pop record or our Aphex Twin record or anything. We all want there to be some departures. Not just, hey look another landscape shot in the background. We’re keeping a keen eye toward how we’re going to develop it, keep the personality of the music intact but expand on it.”

A new album is expected in 2002.


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