The band start recording the follow-up to 2000's 'The Sophtware Slump'...

Grandaddy have recorded demos of 20 songs for the follow-up to ‘THE SOPHTWARE SLUMP’.

The band have been in the studio in their sleepy hometown of Modesto, California in recent months working on a selection of new tracks, which they hope to record fully this year.

Writing on the band’s official website (, bandmember Jim Fairchild said that work is set to start ” in earnest” on their third album proper.

He wrote: “Jason (Lytle) has made four track demos of about twenty songs, and that will be our starting point sometime around next week. Not to put unreasonable pressure on him, or give him too mad of props, but the stuff is really fantastic.”

His personal favourites so far are the “epic” ‘The Warming Sun’, the “touching” ‘Yeah is What We Had’ and the “punk rock stormer” ‘Fifty Percent Less Words’.

Other tracks include ‘Now it’s On’, ‘Emit Anymore’, ‘The Go In The Go For It’, ‘Build A Box’, ‘I’m On Standby’, ‘Lost On Your Merry Way’ and ‘El Camino’s In The West’.

A release date for the as-yet-untitled record is currently unconfirmed.