Jim Fairchild falls foul of America's drinking laws...

Grandaddy star JIM FAIRCHILD has spent a night in jail after falling foul of American drinking laws.

Fairchild had met friends in their sleepy US hometown of Modesto, California for drinks during a break from recording their new album.

Writing on his band’s official website, www.grandaddylandscape.com , Fairchild said that as the evening developed and the alcohol flowed, he felt the need to “pass out” in his friend’s truck.


He wrote: “Our friend Aaron came to town on Sunday night. We stopped at a local bar, and started drinking and talking to friends. I got pretty drunk and asked Aaron for the keys to his truck so that I could go pass out.

“Afterward there was a move to the house of a friend so that people could drink more and do some dancing. I chose to stay asleep in the truck. After a while, a friend came out to make sure I was alright, and we’re talking. He’s got a beer in his hand, standing in the street when a squad car rolls up. The two cops were kind of hassling him about drinking in public. He explains that he’s just checking on a friend, so of course they start asking me questions.”

Fairchild claimed that as more and more police started to arrive, things started to get out of hand, resulting in him being taken to the local “drunk tank”.

He continued: “They tell me to get out of the truck and they’re asking if I’m drunk, and I’m saying yeah, definitely, whatever. We’re downtown at a complex with a bunch of small apartments, and more cops are arriving, so of course people are starting to come out of the house, wondering what’s going on. They tell me that I’m going to the drunk tank for Public Intoxication, and I’m explaining to them that I wouldn’t be in public in the first fucking place if they hadn’t been so insistent that I get out of the truck. Turns out ‘public drunkenness’ is being drunk anywhere outside of your house, according to the couple of geniuses I was dealing with.”

Fairchild spent the evening in custody, but was released without charge. During the incident, group keyboardist Tim Dryden was also arrested and is facing a charge of obstruction of justice.

A UK spokesperson for the group told NME.COM today (January 18) that a new album from [a][/a] is likely in 2002, although a release date is currently unconfirmed.