The band are appealing for the safe return of a laptop computer stolen before their show at Bristol University...

GRANDADDY have appealed for the return of their tour manager’s laptop computer after it was stolen from their dressing room at

BRISTOL UNIVERSITY yesterday afternoon (February 2).

The band, who are approaching the final dates of their UK tour, were setting up at the venue at around 1pm for last night’s gig when the computer and their tour manager Daryle

Boscome’s mobile phone were stolen from a bag in the dressing room. A bottle of Jack Daniels was left untouched.

A man was spotted in the vicinity, and is described as being around 6-foot tall, Asian, of slender build with a scruffy beard and “a small round head” on which he was wearing a white hat. He had a beige coat on and was carrying a white bag.

Bristol Police have been informed. A description of the computer has been issued. It is an AppleMac Powerbook 520C, the casing is scratched and the screen has a small crack in the bottom left corner. There are also two serial numbers – SWV70102 and PN601-0855-8.

Daryle told NME.COM today (February 3) that the computer had more sentimental and practical value, containing the band’s tour itinerary. He said: “It is a very sentimental thing to lose, it has seven years worth of work with bands like Pavement, The Flaming Lips and Grandaddy stored on it.”

Anyone with information about the theft is asked to contact Bristol Police on – 0117 945 4410, or (24hrs) 01275 818181.

The band, who released their new single ‘The Crystal Lake’ this week, still have four gigs left before they return home to the US. They are at:

Southampton University (February 3)

Leeds Cockpit (5)

Cambridge Junction (6)

London Forum (7)