The US five-piece are poised to release what could be one of THE albums of this year...

Grandaddy, the acclaimed and oft name-checked American five-piece, return with their second album, ‘The Sophtware Slump’, through V2 on May 15.

The follow-up to 1998’s ‘Under The Western Freeway’, the 11 track album was recorded in the band’s hometown of Modesto, just outside San Francisco, and produced by vocalist and main player Jason Lytle.

Lytle claims the title, “reared its head while I was wandering through mountains of cast-off computer components in thrift stores” and that the record, which some are tipping to repeat the success The Flaming Lips picked up last year with ‘The Soft Bulletin’, has “better staying power…more cohesion, musically and thematically” than Grandaddy’s previous offerings.


Grandaddy will play two promotional British shows, at Brighton Pressure Point (April 11) and London Dingwalls (April12) prior to the launch. A more extensive tour will follow in May with dates still to be confirmed.

The full tracklisting for ‘The Sophtware Slump’ is as follows: ‘He’s Simple, He’s Dumb, He’s The Pilot’, ‘Hewlett’s Daughter’, ‘Jed The Humanoid’, ‘The Crystal Lake’, ‘Chartsengrafs’, ‘Underneath The Weeping Willow’, ‘Broken Household Appliance National Forest’, ‘Jed’s Other Poem (Beautiful Ground)’, ‘E. Knievel Interlude’, ‘Miner At the Dial-A-View’ and ‘So You’ll Aim Toward The Sky’.