Jason Lytle reveals why Grandaddy split

'It was turning into something sad' says the frontman

Former Grandaddy frontman Jason Lytle has said that the reason that the band split in 2006 was because the group was in danger of becoming a “sad” prospect.

Lytle, now a solo artist, told NME.COM at the South By Southwest festival in Austin that he was enjoying branching out on his own because unlike when he was in a band, it didn’t feel like he had “four girlfriends” to worry about.

“The main thing is not having four girlfriends to lug around with me all the time,” he said in a video interview, which you can watch in full by clicking below. “Now maybe I have time to get a real girlfriend,” he added.


Speaking about why Grandaddy split after the release of their last album, 2006’s ‘Just Like The Fambly Cat’, he added: “It was on the verge of turning in to something sad. Not sad as in a sad song but sad as in pathetic. We had pretty much maxed out our time limit. We wanted to get out while the gettin’ was still good.”

He claimed he was better off alone, saying, “I’m a bit of a loner, I’ve always been like that. I operate best when I can get out on my own accord.”

Watch the interview in full by clicking below.

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