Grandaddy reveal details of farewell album

'Just Like The Fambly Cat' out in May

Grandaddy have confirmed details of their final album.

Although NME.COM exclusively revealed recently the band’s split –they did however manage to record a final LP, ‘Just Like The Fambly Cat’ before calling it a day.

The record will be released on May 8, and preceded by a single, ‘Elevate Myself’, on May 1.


The tracklisting for the album is:

‘What Happened…’

‘Jeez Louise’

‘Summer…It’s Gone’

‘Oxygen/Aux Send’

‘Rear View Mirror’


‘The Animal World’

‘Skateboarding Saves Me Twice’

‘Where I’m Anymore’


‘Guide Down Denied’

‘Elevate Myself’

‘Campershell Dreams’


‘This Is How It Always Starts’

Frontman Jason Lytle explained there will be no tour or farewell shows to accompany the release.

Speaking of the split, he said: “It was inevitable. There’s a path that we’re on…we rode it out for as long as we could. On one hand our stubbornness has paid off, but on the other hand refusing to buy into the way things are traditionally supposed to be done has made things worse for us.

“The realistic part is it hasn’t proved to be a huge money-making venture for a lot of guys in the band. We’ve been doing this for a long time and you have to ask yourself ‘Why am I beating myself up like this?’…week after week, month after month, year after year.”

Lytle also admitted that while recording ‘Just Like The Fambly Cat’ he was aware that it was unlikely the record would be toured. He will now move from Grandaddy’s Californian base of Modesto to Montana, where he will continue making music, though he has made no firm plans about his future yet.