Grandaddy and Dom Joly revive ‘Trigger Happy TV ‘to slam pie into Donald Trump’s face

The band recently released their first album in 11 years

Grandaddy have shared a new series of skits with help from Trigger Happy TV man Dom Joly.

The clip references the show’s infamous pie and clown sketch, but have replaced clowns with a ‘troll’ – a man in a Donald Trump mask.

Watch the skit and the behind the scenes video below.


The band recently released their fifth studio album ‘Last Place’, their first album in 11 years, which was produced by Jason Lyttle.

Speaking to NME last year, singer Jason Lyttle revealed he’s not sure whether ‘Last Place’ will be the band’s final album.

“I’m jumping in the water right now, and I’ve already had plenty of moments where I’ve thought “What the fuck was I doing?” I stare at myself in the mirror going “Why are you doing this?’ I’ve no idea what the future holds. I’ve just got to pace myself.”

British comedian Joly recently took to Twitter “unofficially confirm” that there would be a brand new series of Channel 4’s prankster show Trigger Happy TV in 2017.