The legend gets set to release a new album built around the sounds he pioneered at New York 'block parties' of the late 70s...

Hiphop legend GRANDMASTER FLASH is set to release a new album built around the sounds he pioneered at NEW YORK ‘block parties’ of the late 70s that would give birth to hiphop, NME.COM can reveal.

‘The Official Adventures OF Grandmaster Flash’ will appear through Strut on January 28, 2002. Mixed in with the tunes will be some original snippets of original block party tapes and some exclusive interview footage with Flash himself. Fans will also find a 28-page booklet included featuring rarely seen photographs from the period and a comprehensive history of the time.

Tracklisting for the album is:


‘Introduction’ (1.00 min)

Grandmaster Flash mix number 1 (8.00)

Kraftwerk – ‘Trans Europe Express’ (7.00) Babe Ruth – ‘The Mexican’ (5.30)

Grandmaster Flash Live At T Connection, 1979 (1.00)

Grandmaster Flash mix Number 2 (7.00)

Eddie Drennon & The BBS Orchestra – ‘Do What You Gotta Do’ (5.00)


Grandmaster Flash interview section (1.30) + Cat Stevens – ‘Was Dog A Doughnut/Baby Huey’, ‘Listen To Me’ (6.30)

Grandmaster Flash mix number 3 (7.00)

Grandmaster Flash – ‘Flash To The Beat’ beatbox session (1.30)

Mandrill – ‘Honeybutt’ (4.30)

Marvin Gaye – ‘T’ Plays It Cool’ (5.00)

Grandmaster Flash Live At Disco Convention, 1982 (1.30)

Yellow Magic Orchestra – ‘Computer Games’ (6.00)

Grandmaster Flash mix number 4 (7.00)