More than 20 years after he invented the genre, the icon seems happy with how it's all going...

GRANDMASTER FLASH says he’s happy with the way hip-hop is going, more than 20 years after he helped invent the genre.

In Toronto for a recent gig, he told US music site MuchMusic he was chuffed his ground-breaking turntable trickery had turned out to be more than a fad

“I’m happy being one of the inventors of the art form along with Cool Hurk and Afrika Bambaataa,” he said. “It has actually branched off into so many different types of hip-hop.


“The thing about being an inventor, a lot of times you can invent something and it will never get off the ground or off the drawing board. So I’m happy with the way hip-hop is going,” said Grandmaster Flash – real name Joseph Saddler – who rocked New York with the Furious Five in the late 70s and 80s.

He added: “I remember when I was first trying to introduce this style to the world. So many people were like, ‘What is this and what is this awful noise he’s making with the record and why is he doing this, and what are they talking about?’ Now it’s one of the biggest music [scenes] in the world, and journalists can no longer call it a fad.”