But the rap star is pushing forward with a brand new Gravediggaz project...

GRAVEDIGGAZ MC POETIC has recently been admitted to hospital in California due to liver complications associated with colon cancer.

The rap star has been fighting cancer for a number of years, though in recent months appeared to be beating the disease. However, despite his ill-health Poetic is still pushing forward with a brand new Gravediggaz project.

He and fellow member Frukwon have just completed their third album ‘Nightmare In A-Minor’, to be released through The Titanium/Sunstar Records.

Gravediggaz, in their original incarnation with Poetic, Frukwon, Wu-Tang’s RZA and legendary producer Prince Paul, introduced the world to horrorcore rap in 1994 with their debut ‘Six Feet Deep’ and followed up in 1997 with ‘The Pick, The Sickle & The Shovel’.

Poetic will be launching his new [url=]

website soon, but in the meantime news on the group and Poetic’s condition can be found at [url=]

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