Green Day showcase ‘¡Uno!, ¡Dos!, ¡Tré!’ at Japan’s Summer Sonic Festival

Franz Ferdinand, Grimes and Azelia Banks also play stellar sets at the Japanese bash

Green Day played four new songs from their forthcoming trilogy of albums ‘¡Uno!, ¡Dos!, ¡Tré!’ at the Summer Sonic Festival in Japan over the weekend.

The trio performed a two hour set on Saturday (August 18) in front of a crowd of 40,000 at the Marine Stadium. Of the new songs, ‘Stay The Night’, from ¡Uno!, leaned closest towards the band’s old material, with its charged guitar riff.

Other tracks aired included ’99 Revolutions’, which also featured on the soundtrack of the movie ‘The Campaign, new single ‘Oh Love’ and ‘Let Yourself Go’.


The band went on to play some of their older material including ‘Basket Case’, ‘Longview,’ ‘2,000 Light Years Away’, ‘Minority’ and ‘American Idiot’, which saw frontman Billie Joe Armstrong pulling Japanese fans on to the stage for hugs and even giving one lucky girl one of his bracelets.

“That was amazing!” fan Kane Nakamura told NME after the show “They haven’t changed much, but the new songs are seriously cool and they gave it so much energy – it was worth the price of three or four tickets, that’s how satisfying it was.”

“It was cool that they played so many songs everyone knows and not just their new material,” added Kazuki Oda. “The crowd went totally nuts.”

Green Day played:

‘Welcome To Paradise’
‘Know Your Enemy’
‘Let Yourself Go’
‘Stay The Night’
‘Oh Love’
‘Boulevard Of Broken Dreams’
‘Hitchin’ A Ride’
‘Brain Stew’
‘St. Jimmy’
‘Geek Stink Breath’
‘2,000 Light Years Away’
‘Basket Case’
‘King For A Day’
‘Shout’/’Hey Jude’
‘American Idiot’
’99 Revolutions’

Other acts on the bill at the two-day festival included Franz Ferdinand, Passion Pit, Azealia Banks, Crystal Castles, Grimes and Rihanna.


Franz Ferdinand played a number of unreleased songs including ‘Right Thoughts! Right Words! Right Action!’ and ‘Scarlet & Blue’ alongside a hit-heavy set.

Despite having yet to release any material in Japan, Azealia Banks drew a modest crowd to the indoor Sonic Stage and played songs from her ‘1991’ EP and ‘Fantasea’ mixtape, including ‘212’ and ‘Jumanji’.

Grimes dedicated her set on the Sonic Stage to Pussy Riot, three members of which were jailed last week, saying: “I’m so glad that we can play music and not go to jail.”