Green Day stream new single ‘Bang Bang’ and reveal album release date

See the 'Revolution Radio' artwork and tracklist now

Green Day have released their new single ‘Bang Bang’ and detailed their upcoming album.

‘Bang Bang’ is the first proper bit of new music from the Californian punk band since 2012’s ‘Uno!’, ‘Dos!’ and ‘TrĂ©!’ album trilogy. However, we did get a Christmas single from the band last December.

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It’s the first single from the band’s upcoming new album. That release will be their twelfth studio effort and is called ‘Revolution Radio’. It’ll come out on October 7.

Listen to ‘Bang Bang’ below.

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The ‘Revolution Radio’ artwork is as follows:

The tracklisting is:

‘Somewhere Now’
‘Bang Bang’
‘Revolution Radio’
‘Say Goodbye’
‘Bouncing Off the Wall’
‘Still Breathing’
‘Too Dumb to Die’
‘Troubled Times’
‘Forever Now’
‘Ordinary World’

Last year, Armstrong spoke about his plans for the new Green Day album after the band were inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.

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“There’s definitely a great spirit going on,” he said. “We’ve always been pretty charged up. Before we found any of this out, I had already written a few songs and everybody was really excited by them. And then we heard about [being inducted into the Rock And Roll] Hall Of Fame, and we were just blown away. Yeah, I mean, we’re going to take our time.”

He added: “We’re not going to try and pull off some, like, victory lap over this because I definitely want the music to come from a real place and be inspired, not just because we got honoured or anything like that, but because we’re honouring music. We want to work on them, and we want to make a great album.”