Green Day ’21st Century Breakdown’ – album update

Band warn about politicians on new record

Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong has declared that new album ’21st Century Breakdown’ has been fuelled by his distrust of politicians.

The band are currently finishing the album, which is due out in May, but explained that its theme – a narration loosely fitted around two characters ‘Gloria‘ and ‘Christian‘ – encourages people to get involved and not put too much hope in their leaders.

“A lot of people were born into an unlucky time, the era of George W Bush,” he told Rolling Stone. “There is an optimism now with Obama… be aware. Don’t look at this guy as the answer to our prayers. You still need to be involved.”

The record is produced by Nirvana collaborator Butch Vig, who worked with the band to condense ten-minute jams over the last two years into tight pop-punk for the finished album.

“Even with all of those ideas, Butch got his head around it, where it fit,” explained the band’s Tre Cool. “Nothing got swept under the rug or forgotten.”