Green Day’s Mike Dirnt designs vegan shoe

Bassist's animal-friendly shoes are available to buy now

Mike Dirnt of Green Day has designed his own trainer, the 45 RPM Schubert, in collaboration with vegan shoe manufacturers Macbeth.

The shoe (pictured) is black, boasts brass lace loops and contains zero animal products.

The high-top version of the shoe is available from, priced at $79.99 (£49).


Despite not actually being vegan or even vegetarian himself, Dirnt has erroneously been nominated for Peta2‘s, the youth branch of the PETA animal rights charity, ‘Sexiest Vegetarian’ award numerous times.

Dirnt is the co-owner of the meat eater-friendly Rudy’s Can’t Fail Cafe in Emeryville, California, a diner named after a Clash song.

Meanwhile, Green Day recently revealed that on July 7 a pack containing three of the songs from their latest album, ’21st Century Breakdown’, will be released for the ‘Rock Band’ computer game.

’21 Guns’, ‘Know Your Enemy’ and ‘East Jesus Nowhere’ will be available to play on the Harmonix game.