Green Day hail first shows as Foxboro Hot Tubs

Billie Joe Armstrong declares side project has 'serious octane'

Green Day have spoken after their garage rock side project made its official live debut.

The Foxoboro Hot Tubs played their first show proper last night (May 19) following a couple of secret warm-up dates at the weekend.

Writing under his alter ego Reverend Strychnine Twitch, Green Day singer Billie Joe Armstrong hailed the shows as a success.


Pabst (Pabst Blue Ribbon, a beer namechecked by the band) was flowin’ and everyone on some serious octane, baby!” he wrote on his blog.

The star added that he wanted fans coming to the band’s US club tour to make an effort for the shows.

“To all of those ready to see the Tubbies… Get all dressed up, come get down,” he said. “Wave your freak flag with the Foxboro Hot Tubs! Sting!!!!”

The Foxoboro Hot Tubs now play New Orleans tonight (May 20) – be sure to check NME.COM now to see where else Green Day’s ‘other band’ are playing.

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