Green Day in the new ‘Simpsons’ film?

They are also rumoured to have song in the movie

Green Day are rumoured to be featured in the new Simpsons film ’The Simpsons Movie’.

A spokesperson for 20th Century Fox would not confirm anything, but according to the band’s record label Warner Bros/Reprise, they band do make an appearance in the film.

The label also mentions that the band will have a song featured in the movie too.

Although the band are rumoured to be featured in the trailer for the film, it is unclear which version they feature in.

Allegedly the band can be spotted in their trailer below (the smart money says around 25 seconds before the trailer ends), but it’s a real blink and you’ll miss them affair. If you do spot the band email us at with Green Day as the subject and we’ll post up your spots on our blog News Vulture soon.

The movie will be released in the US on July 27, reports MTV News.