And they want to have loads of their rocker pals in it...

GREEN DAY have plans to turn new album ‘AMERICAN IDIOT’ into a film.

Like The Who’s rock opera ‘Tommy’, the punk trio plan to rope in cohorts from band such as Good Charlotte and [/a] to appear in the movie.

“We’ve definitely been talking about someone writing a script for it, and there’s been a few different names that have been thrown at us,” singer Billie Joe Armstrong explained. “It sounds really exciting, but for right now it’s just talk.”

“They (The Who) used musicians, so I guess we’d have to use musicians too,” continued Armstrong. “Maybe we’ll have, you know, Tim Armstrong come out as Whatsername (the central character of the final song) and we’ll get the Madden brothers ([a]Good Charlotte’s Benji and Joel) to, I don’t know, play some kind of schizophrenic character or something like that,” reports MTV.

However the similarities with ‘Tommy’ end there, as the band have no plans to turn ‘American Idiot’ into a musical.

“There was little bit of a rumour that was going around, but there’s no plans to go to Broadway,” Armstrong said. “I don’t think I could handle seeing St. Jimmy [another character from the album], like …”

“On ice,” drummer Tre Cool finished.

There are also plans to release footage from the making of the album, featuring stolen master tapes and band mayhem, but the band have their reservations.

“I don’t want to back ourselves into a corner, because it seems like such a trend for people to do reality television meets music,” Armstrong said. “And I don’t know, for us it’s about the myth and mystery of a rock band, you know, that’s what [surrounded] all my favourite bands. It’s like, who cares what underwear I wear or if I’m wearing any at all?”