There's flashing lights, dropping banners, confetti explosions and costumed women as 'American Idiot' is introduced...

GREEN DAY’s gave their rock opera ’AMERICAN IDIOT’ its live debut last night in LOS ANGELES last night (September 16).

A sold out crowd of several thousand fans packed the city’s Henry Fonda Music Box Theatre as the group introduced their concept record with the help of additional instrumentalists and costumed women.

Dressed in short senorita outfits and cropped black wigs, two women provided a card reading ‘Act 1,’ shortly before 8.30PM local time. Green Day then came out launching straight into the album opening cut, ’American Idiot’.

During ‘American Idiot’s 60-minute, 21-song airing, the Northern California outfit were joined at times by two additional guitarists, a backing vocalist, a piano player, saxophonist, trumpeter and a percussionist, although some of the artists doubled up. The performance also featured flashing lights, dropping banners, and confetti explosions.

‘American Idiot’ is the band’s most ambitious collection to date, a ‘Tommy’-style rock opera and barbed attack on post-war on terror America. Billie Joe Armstrong told MTV: “The record has a storyline throughout it that follows a character by the name of Jesus Of Suburbia. It’s about him coming of age and the growing pains that are involved in it and seeing if he makes the right choices or the wrong choices or whatever choices that come to him.

“There’s definitely a resolution for the character, but I don’t want to give it away because that’s something I sort of want to leave to the listeners. The very last song is a song called ‘Whatsername?’ and before that there’s a ten-minute piece called ‘Homecoming’ and somewhere along the line you’ll find out where it goes.”

Despite the album not due in shops until next week, fans appeared enthusiastic about the material, screaming, throwing their fists into the air, holding up lighters and mobile phones, crowd surfing and driving circle pits. At one point Billie Joe Armstrong addressed the fact that many of the songs had never been heard by Green Day’s fans, telling one girl, “If this is your first concert ever, man you missed it ‘cos last time we played all our other songs.”

Following ‘American Idiot’, Green Day returned to the stage for a 30-minute encore of classics including ’Basket Case’, ’Brain Stew’, ’Jaded’, ’Minority’, and Queen’s ’We Are The Champions’.