Green Day album update

The US trio speak out

Green Day have promised that their next album will be “an event” when it is finally unleashed.

The US three-piece confirmed that they are already working through dozens of ideas and demos on a daily basis.

Frontman Billie Joe Armstrong told MTV News: “For us, everything that we do is completely, 100 percent passion-and energy-driven, so however we’re going to come out with our next album, just be certain it’s going to be an event, not just putting a record out.

“At this point, to put a record out with like 12 songs on it and turn it in sounds a bit boring for us. So we want to definitely make something that is well thought-out and [that] all of our blood is put into.”

Bassist Mike Dirnt added: “We’ve headed back to the same [mentality as American Idiot], and that is what we really gotta do: Erase all the rules and go in and be productive.”

Green Day have confirmed that they are continuing to work on their American Idiot movie project.

Armstrong added: “It’s definitely unfolding. Every single week there’s more ideas about doing a film for American Idiot, and it’s definitely going to happen.”