The band are considering whether to turn the album into a film too…

GREEN DAY have revealed that despite the huge success of their latest album ’AMERICAN IDIOT’, they are not yet bored of the record yet.

The LP has sold 3.8 million copies in the United States alone since it’s release nearly a year ago and the singles ’American Idiot’ and ’Boulevard Of Broken Dreams’ have earned a total of eight nominations for the MTV Video Music Awards.

The band are also continuing to tour ’American Idiot’ on a string of North American dates, which wrap up in October.


However, when asked if the group were tired of the album, singer Billy Joe Armstrong said: “No. I was just listening to the record today, to tell you the truth. I’m really proud of this record. Because there’s so much content in it, I think that’s why it still has legs.”

Speaking to, Armstrong revealed that the group are still considering turning the punk-opera into a film, saying: “There’s a lot of strange people out there in Hollywood, so we have to stick to our guns. We want to have control over everything that’s on the album. If we’re going to look at a film, we have to think of it the same way as how important the record is to us.”

Green Day are debating whether, after the end of their Stateside jaunt, they will play stadium shows in Australia and South America.

Armstrong explained: “I’d love to play Russia and Cuba – places rock shows don’t normally go. After that, we’ll end up sitting around and chatting about what is going to be the next album.”

The singer revealed that he has also started work on the follow-up to ’American Idiot’ and has written “about 15 new songs”.

He said: “Right now, it’s that no-pressure/fun stage of just getting on a four-track and coming up with some goofy stuff. Eventually, something sort of unfolds. It’s exciting. The juices are always flowing.”