Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong says band ‘want to make a great album’

Band are 'gonna take it really slow' and 'make sure every moment is inspired', says singer

Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong has spoken about his band’s next album, following their induction into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame last month.

The pop-punk band were inducted into the Hall Of Fame on the night by Fall Out Boy, also performing live with Ringo Starr at the event in Cleveland. Speaking to Rolling Stone, Armstrong described the occasion as “kind of like being at your own wedding and your own funeral”.

The singer also discussed the band’s next record, which will be their twelfth studio effort. Armstrong said, “There’s definitely a great spirit going on. We’ve always been pretty charged up. Before we found any of this out, I had already written a few songs and everybody was really excited by them. And then we heard about the Hall of Fame, and we were just blown away. Yeah, I mean, we’re going to take our time. We’re not going to try and pull off some, like, victory lap over this because I definitely want the music to come from a real place and be inspired, not just because we got honored or anything like that, but because we’re honoring music. We want to work on them, and we want to make a great album.”


Green Day last released their trilogy of albums, ‘Uno!’, ‘Dos!’ and ‘Tre!’, in 2011 and 2012. The final part of those was the band’s lowest-charting album in the UK since 1992’s ‘Kerplunk’, reaching Number 31. They also released ‘Demolicious’, an album of alternative takes from the trilogy sessions featuring unreleased song ‘State Of Shock’, for Record Store Day in 2014.

The group’s producer Rob Cavallo recently confirmed that they have “five new songs” already written for their next LP. Now, in this new interview, Armstrong elaborated, “I’ve got, like, four or five songs right now. I’m gonna take it really slow. I’m just gonna make sure every moment is inspired and that we have something that’s really special to us. And right now with the songs that we have, it’s going in the right direction.”

Fall Out Boy paid tribute to Green Day as they were inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in Cleveland last month (April 18).

Band members Patrick Stump and Pete Wentz both made speeches at the ceremony about the effect Green Day had on them as musicians and fans. “No one else can do anything the way Green Day does,” Wentz told the audience, while Stump recalled first hearing the Californian band for the first time.

In their acceptance speeches, Green Day thanked the people who had been involved with their careers since their beginnings in 1986. “Music is the force that gets us up in the morning, and it’s also the shit that keeps us up all night,” said drummer Tre Cool. “We’re all in this room together to celebrate music and it’s a beautiful thing. It’s overwhelming, the amount of talent and love in the room. It’s overwhelming.”

Frontman Billie Joe Armstrong concluded their acceptance by saying: “I’ve always loved rock and roll music. I always have. Soon as I opened my eyes and took my first breath, I’m a fan. And that’s the one thing that I’m going to close with is that I love rock and roll.” The band then played a short set including ‘American Idiot’, ‘Basket Case’ and ‘When I Come Around’.