Billie Joe Armstrong shows his opposition to the mooted conflict...

GREEN DAY star BILLIE JOE ARMSTRONG has started an online petition protesting against any future war in IRAQ.

In an audio message to fans on the official website www.greenday.com, Armstrong urges people to visit fan website www.gr eenday.net and sign the petition.

He said: “For those of you who are opposed to the war on Iraq, I want to start a petition on Greenday.net to send to George W Bush strongly urging him to re-think his plans for military invasion. This petition isn’t only for people who live in America, but people all over the world.”

Green Day have become one of the first US bands to speak out against Bush’s possible plans. In the UK artists have been more active in their opposition. [a][/a]’s 3-D teamed up with Damon Albarn in designing and financing a number of adverts that recently appeared in NME – aimed at raising awareness of opposition to any British involvement in a US led attack.

Albarn and 3-D are working with CND and the ‘Stop The War’ coalition, who are organising an awareness campaign at the potential perils of such a strike.