Mike Dirnt is forced to apologise to those short in stature...

Green Day bassist MIKE DIRNT has been carpeted by an organisation called LITTLE PEOPLE OF AMERICA for a song of his extolling the virtues of midget-tossing.

‘Great Australian Midget Toss’, a track recorded by Dirnt‘s side project The Frustrators, was aired on June 19 during a play-off final for the not so vertically-challenged National Basketball Association in LA’s Staples Centre.

The not-so politically correct tune includes lyrics such as “Hate to land them on their face/Those little guys are hard to replace”. The irony was not lost on the organisation who released a statement saying, “This sends out a the wrong message to short-statured individuals and their families. The fact that it was used as a taunt at a major sporting event only makes it worse.”


A spokesperson for the centre, home of local heroes the LA Lakers who were playing, said the song had been played in error after a mix-up in the sound booth. Dirnt too was quick to back track, offering an explanation and apology through The Frustrators website [url=]

“We have no problem with people of short stature or any other stature,” it reads. “For the record I would like state firmly that The Frustrators think violence is stupid and that we have a sense of humour about ourselves and the world. If anyone has taken offence at our jokes, we do apologise for the misunderstanding.”